Diteli Records Ltd is a newly formed independent production company and record label. We cover music and multimedia productions for young and old, across the board.

We have worked with many different singers, musicians and actors including David Warner, Richard Coyle, Jacqueline Pearce, Sarah Jane Morris and Cassidy Janson.

Our aim is to bring fresh and exciting new music and ideas in all shapes, forms and genres.


Eliška Palfreyman (Ellie) has been running her own bespoke music classes known as ‘Sing With Ellie’ for children aged 0-5 since 2012. She has collaborated with nurseries in London, Kent and Sussex. “I love sharing my passion for music with children,” says Ellie. “Showing them the joy that music can bring is very important, as I believe music has a truly healing effect on every soul, young or not so young. All my music sessions have one thing in common: the music is always live. I aim to introduce children to music in a simple and friendly way, yet I like to challenge them. How else are we to find the next Beethoven, Mozart or perhaps even Jimi Hendrix?

“Writing my own songs for children is fun. The child within me tells me what to write about. Folk and rock’n’roll music both influence my songwriting. I like to go beyond the traditional nursery rhyme structure and expose children to slightly more complicated melodies and rhythmic changes. Their clever ears can take it all in. It gives me a joyful feeling when they want to hear my own songs, remember my lyrics and dance to my music. I am in the process of recording my debut album, which will be packed with many fun and educational songs.”

Sing With Ellie

Ellie has released an interactive musical book entitled ‘Morning, Noon & Night’ in cooperation with app maker Eric Wroolie (Overpass). This app offers nine different stories, accompanied by Ellie’s original songs and beautiful illustrations by Katerina Mrhalova. This educational interactive book can be downloaded for both Apple and Android devices.




David Palfreyman & Nicholas Pegg


An old man looks back on his life, chasing his memories through the years. Who is Kelver Leash? Over four acts and 20 songs, the decades unfold… Decades is a collaboration between singer/songwriter David Palfreyman and writer/actor Nicholas Pegg, who describe the work as “a great big double concept album with all the trimmings."




The debut album from singer/songwriter ‘Malf’ features an eclectic mix of songs in genres ranging from soul to punk, heavy metal to country & western. Featuring 12 tracks, including the singles ‘Psycho Pretty’ and ‘When Nobody’s There’.


Sing With Ellie


‘Morning, Noon & Night’ is an interactive book which offers a collection of stories, songs and rhymes for every part of the day - a great opportunity for parents and teachers to make each reading time special. Fun and educational stories are accompanied by catchy melodic tunes which combine to take children on an adventure full of animals, trees and people. Playful illustrations chime with children’s perspective of the world and trigger off their fantasy. In ‘Morning, Noon & Night’ you’ll find mystery, humour, a love of nature, dreams and much more.